Itinerary 6: Turgutreis - Ova Bükü - Bozburun - Orhaniye - (Kuruca) - Koca Bahce - Palamut - Turgutreis

After leaving Turgutreis-Marina head for the NE-headland of Kos with the small islands on your starboard side and the single-danger beacon at cape Hüseyin Burnu on your port side. Then sail 11 nautical miles further south to the Cape of Knidos, the western cape of the Datca - Peninsula. This sail you can do very comfortly and quickly by a beam reach. Once you have passed around Knidos follow  the coast 7 nm. After having passed the island south of Palamut-Bükü keep on 3 nm at 65° degrees to Cape Adatepe. After approximately 1 nm you are in the inlet of Ova Bükü or Ogün's Place. Then you can see the jetty and the buildings ashore.

Drop the anchor in front of the jetty and go stern to. Electricity/water on the jetty, laundry and restaurants ashore. If you need anything, please contact Ogün, he can help with everything. Mooring fee of approximately 30 YTL will be charged by the municipality.

The next day, continue to the east, north of the Greek island of Symi into the Yesilova Körfezi to Bozburun. Pass the island of Kizil Adasi in the south and then sail N-ward to Bozburun. The small island off the port can be passed on both sides.

The harbour entrance is fired. (R / g) and approach is also possible in the night. In the harbour, you can either go on the north quai alongside or to the W - and E – quai stern or bows to with anchor.

Bozburun is a nice, leisure place with numerous restaurants and cafes in the port. In the Cay Bahçesi or tea-garden at the NW-corner of the port you can sit very nicely in the shade of trees. For dinner I recommend the very good and cheap restaurant Aquarium where you sit on the terrace, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view allover the bay.
Furthermore, here you will find very good showers, toilets and laundry facilities. Good provisioning options (especially fruits and vegetables), ATM, PTO, pharmacy, sail makers and boat equipment. Daily buses to Marmaris; a mosque-visit is possible as well.

Do not leave too early on the next morning as the wind starts up not until noon. The distance to Cape Atabol from the southern corner of Kizil Adasi is almost only 5 nm, but this you have to tack. Pay attention to the very dangerous reef about 0.3 nautical miles southwest of the Cape. It is marked by a single-danger-beacon, but winter storms can tear it. Between Cape Atabol and this reef passage is possible.

After rounding this cape, sail approximately 11 nautical miles further on to the east to Orhaniye, also called Keci Bükü. Let the islands on the starboard side because the wind often rotates between them or even is absent. However, if there is a calm, you can motor among these islands, very scenic. From Robinson Club (at your port-side) 3.5 nm in 65° degrees, then the entrance of Keci Bükü bay is reached.

The bay stretches about 1.3 nautical miles to the southeast. Immediately after the entrance on the left the Marti Marina is located with all the supply options and facilities of a modern marina, such as Laundry, supermarket, swimming pool, fuel station and restaurant. Direct at the Marina (Pedestrian)-entrence dolmus to Marmaris.

In the crest of the bay several restaurants and bars with jetties, mooring-ropes and electricity/water. Navigating further in let the small island on the starboard side. Be careful: There is a large sandbank in the southeast of the bay.

Restaurant-jetties from east to west:

Palmiye Hotel:
Far into the bay protruding T-jetty; the restaurant/hotel is located on the
other side of the road; swimming pool, restrooms, showers

Kadir Restaurant:
Oldest restaurant in Keci Bükü; restaurant right at the water; shower/toilets

Iskele Restaurant:
You can sit on a terrace right at the water, but the restaurant-building reminds you of a
railway-station. In the adjacent a small hotel with swimming pool, shower/toilets

Ersoy Restaurant

Bükh Restaurant
in recent years flotilla-base of the Sun Sail company

Certainly Keci Bükü is very protected in magnificent landscaped settings. In the evening, when the sun disappears behind the mountains, one has the feeling of sitting on a lake in the Swiss mountains.

Anchoring is also possible in the western part of the bay or in front of the piers.

The following day there are only 7 nm to Koca-Bahce, (English: magnificent garden) or also called thyme-bay. When it is raining in spring and autumn, the whole bay smells of thyme. One could now have a "lazy day", immediately to motor between the islands to Koca Bahce for swimming here in crystal clear water, diving or just relaxing.

I suggest, however, to sail to Kuruca, a bay 13 nautical miles west on the north side of the Hisaronü Gulf, then sail into the bay and anchor at the crest of the bay in 5 - 7 m on a sandy bottom. Just spend the afternoon at anchor here, have lunch and go swimming before you lift the anchor in late afternoon. Use only the Genoa sailing with the sun behind you the 7 nm to Bahce Koca.

In this light when the sun is slowly disappearing behind the mountains, the surroundings  and the silver water have somewhat of a kitsch photo. You can pass between the islands where you want, the water depths are always sufficient. At the jetty mooring-lines are laid out; for to anchor in the bay the water is too deep. You could also moor at one of the outlying mooring-buoys.

Koca Bahce is one of my absolute favorite destinations. Because of the crystal clear water and the with thyme and sage covered hills, well kept garden behind the restaurant, toilets, a lot of goats on adjacent land and in the mountains, the bay enjoys increasing popularity.

The food, especially the appetizers, are quite excellent. Not without any reason, Mehmet, the boss, named his restaurant "Sailors Paradise."

At the next day on the way back to Turgutreis you can stop in the small port of Palamut, 7 miles east of Cape Knidos. These 25 nm, you have to sail against the wind. It is  advisable not to leave too late in the morning to make good some miles by engine  before the wind starts around noon.

In front of Palamut-harbour there is an island easiely seen which can be passed on all sides.
Moreover, the white sandy beach east of the harbour is conspicous. A night approach is not advisable, since the harbor entrance is not fired. Drive slowly into the harbour. The water depth in the channel is only about 2.30 meters; 3 meters in the port basin. The best place to moor is right after the entrance at the N-quay. Put a lot of chain as gusts can occur. Water and electricity on the quay. A small fee is levied by the municipality. Restaurants in the port just right of the mini market.

Palamut is a sleepy little village, which I like very much for a stop, not as rough as the bay of Knidos 7 nm to the west. For visiting the ruins of Knidos you can go by taxi or dolmus from Palamut. But this depends on taste.

The next day you should have rounded Cape Knidos at about 10.00 o’clock before the Meltemi rises up. It can blow very violently, so that it’s difficult to round the Cape.
At about 17.00 o’clock you will be expected by our staff in the Marina Tugutreis.

Anyway, use every navigation-aids on board, such as chartplotter, seamaps and cruising guides (Horn / Hoop; Heikell). My itineraries should only provide you suggestions in choosing your destinations.

Happy sailing!

Lighthouses and Beacons:

Hüseyin Burnu      Fl (3) 10s 8 M
Kos North              Fl 4s 4 M r
Kos NE                   Fl wr (3) 15s 6 M
Kos Ay Foukas       Fl 4s 6 M
Cape Knidos          Fl (2) 10s 14 M
Ince Burnu            Fl (3) 15s 8 M
Simi North             Fl 4s 6 M
Cape Atabol           Fl (2) 5s 6 M

Distance information:

Turgutreis -   Ogüns Place / Ova Bükü                        33 nm
Ova Bükü -     Bozburun                                                26 nm
Bozburun -     Keci Bükü / Orhaniye                            18 nm
Orhaniye -      Koca Bahce                                              7 nm
Orhaniye -      Kuruca / Ciftlik Limani                          13 nm
Kuruca -         Koca Bahce                                               7 nm
Koca Bahce – Palamut                                                  25 nm
Palamut -       Turgutreis Marina                                  30 nm

Location information:

Single danger point Hüseyin Burnu                  36° 57.8'N    27 ° 15,5' E
Palamut Approach                                            36° 40.1'N    27° 30.3' E
Ova Bükü                                                          36° 40.9'N    27° 34.4' E
Kizil Adasi  South Appraoch                             36° 38.9'N    28° 02.4' E
Bozburun harbour entrance                             36° 41,4'N    28° 02.6' E
Kuruca / Ciftlik Limani                                       36° 44,7'N    27° 52,8' E
Koca Bahce Approach                                      36° 42.4'N    28° 00.5' E
Keci Bükü Approach                                         36° 46.7'N   28° 07.0' E
Single danger point of Cape Atabol                  36° 40.4'N   27° 57,5' E