Sailing in Turkey

Dear charter guests,

We are glad to welcome you to the sailing destination Turkey. There is a big fleet of well equipped yachts for this sailing-area. Even longer distances should not cause any problems. In the following you will find some informations, a small cruising guide, that might be useful for you. These suggestions may help you to have a great sailing experience.  All the necessary tools, such as chartplotter, charts and manuals (Horn/Hoop; Heikell;  Radspieler) you will find on all yachts.
If you have only one week time, the area around Alacati/Cesme and Chios as well as the northern route to Ayvalik or the southern route to Sigaci and Kusadasi are ideal. Ambitious sailors also can include the Greek islands of Patmos and Samos.
If you have chosen as a starting point Bodrum/Turgutreis, a lot of options for a 1 or 2 weekly cruise will be offert to you. The Greek islands are located off the "front door". Along the Turkish coast you have the choice of sailing towards the Gökova Gulf, Hisarönü Gulf, or the Yesilova Körfezi. Even trips to Marmaris and the surrounding area should be possible.

During two weeks you can explore the entire area, depending on your mood. An absolute highlight is a 2 week sail to Santorini which you can do easily from Bodrum as well as from Alacati. Most of the places listed below I've visited. But several years sailing in this area are not enough to discover all nearly.

Wind and weather:

In the sailing season the area is dominated by northerly winds. The wind, called the Meltemi or in Greek Etesian (every year) is caused by Low Pressure System in the Near East and the two large High Pressure Areas in the west, the Azores and the Balkan-High. This  constant flow comes from the north during the summer months. In the northern part of the Aegean Sea, the wind is blowing from the NE - N, then further south from NW - W and  in the Rhodos Strait from W - SW. It begins in May, reaches its greatest strength in July and August and calms down end of October.

The spot is also well known as a spot for late risers (Rod Heikell). The wind starts during the day at about 11.00 clock, reaches its greatest strength in the afternoon and sleeps again at night. The normal windspeed  in the summer is at about 4 to 6 Bft. If the Meltemi is blowing stronger, he also stands in the night and can blow through a week. By this resistant summerwind, longer trips are possible with few engine hours. Note that  journeys to the north may take longer time by eventual tacking.

Cape Knidos, as well as the area between Kos and Bodrum-Peninsula, in the Phournoi - Strait (west of Samos) and on the lee-shores, the wind can easily be stronger than normal by more than 2 Bft. Therefore, it is advisable on the journey to the north, to have rounded Cape Knidos before 11.00 o’clock and pass east of Samos (Kusadasi – Street).

The early morning hours may also be used to make miles by engine, before the Meltemi starts.


In the Mediterranean it is predominantly stern to the pier with the own anchor or useing a mooring-line. In Turkey, the number of sailing is constantly increasing, and consequently  more and more marinas are built and enthusiasts consider them to be the best among the whole Mediterranean coasts.

Before entering a marina please call the marina on VHF channel 72/73; a pilot boat  expects you at the Marina entrance, takes you to the berth and helps to moor. The supply and service facilities are excellent.

In the bays along the Turkish coast there can even still be found restaurants with wooden jetties and mooring-lines. Mooring is for free (often including electricity and water). Therefore, the restaurant operators expect you coming for dinner or some drinks. In the Greek ports mooring with bow anchors with sternlines to the pier. This often has to be expected with a big wash of incoming and outgoing ferries.

Often mooring bouys are laid out, for example at Emporio on Kalymnos, not without reason: most of poor holding ground at the anchorage or too large water-depths.

Anchoring in the bays along the Turkish coast is not easy. The bays are often very deep and the bottom is thick weed. The gusts that occur make anchoring not easier. You certainly bring out a lot of chain and if necessary, bring a long rope to the shore.

The boats from f.i. Gena Yachting are all equipped with “Bügelanchor” or “Ultra Anchor”, wich have proven to hold particularly well in these anchorage-conditions. In addition, each boat has an electric windlass, 80m chain and a chain claw.

Check-In in Greece:

The relations between Greece und Turkey have greatly improved. The port officials are usually very professional and friendly. This also applies to yachts under Turkish flag. The Check-In is now relatively easy, sometimes combined with some walking. Of course, due to politcal conditions, things might change, and we are referring to the situation for the moment (2011). The Greek transitlog costs about 50 € plus / minus. For more information about the procedure - cruising between Turkey and Greece - please contact your charter office.
Our partners in Turkey
Our partners in Turkey, like Gena, are sailors and  professionals with fleets equipped with the very best in sailing experience. The top equipped yachts are taken care of by technicians with high skills. Our aim is to make your vacation to a memory of life.

Several new, high standard until luxerious marinas, old, romantic harbours, a constant improving service efficiency, hospitality and good prices are some of the many reasons for the increasing popularity of the Turkish sailing waters. We would with pleasure assist you in planning your sailing holidays in Turkey.