Itinerary 4 Alacati - Kusadasi - Alacati


Alacati - Kusadasi                                    46 nm
Alacati - Sarpdere / Nergis                       8 nm
Nergis - Kirkdilim Limani                           5 sm
Kirkdilim - Demircili Limani                       8 nm
Demircili - Sigacik Marina                          5 nm
Sigacik - Körmen Adasi                              8 nm
Körmen - Cam Limani                               11nm
Cam Limani - Kusadasi                             11nm

This cruise can be done very easily by families with children. The wind blows offshore from N – NW directions, so the way to Kusadasi takes 6 to 7 hours, but indeed the way has to be considered. My suggestion would be to complete the journey south in two steps: stopping at the first day at Körmen Adasi, then on the second day further to Kusadasi and on the way back visiting the different anchorages or Sigacik-Marina. Since the wind usually blows offshore, you can sail up to the north well in a slight sea. Even in Sigacik - Gulf there is nearly no swell. Those, who have more time left or want to sail a longer distance, could make even a trip to Emporio on Chios or to Cesme. (Described both in Itinerary 1).

After leaving the Alacati - Bay 8 nautical miles south-east there is located

Sarpdere Limani / Nergis   38° 10.3'N   26° 30,6’E
Both anchorages (in the north in 5 - 6m, in the east in 2 - 3m) offer good shelter from the Meltemi, the eastern incision well due to low water depth soundings.
I prefer the anchorage in the south: Nergis Limani, immediately after the entrance to Sarpdere Limani just on the right. Anchor in 5 - 7m free swinging on sand. The gusts are weaker than in the northern anchorages.

Kirkdilim Limani   38° 07.0'N   26° 34.4'E
A bay just west of Cape Teke Burnu. Anchor on the crest of the bay in 3-5m on sand. Good all round–shelter; crystal-clear water.

After rounding the fired Cape Teke Burnu Fl (3) 15s 38m 10M the Sigacik - Gulf opens up with a number of anchorages and the new Sigacik Marina (opening April 2010). The wind usually blows out of the Gulf and builds up only small waves.

Gökkovar Limani   38° 08.2'N   26° 36.9'E
A deep fjord approximately 2 nautical miles north of Cape Teke Burnu. The entrance is free of dangers, the water-depth everywhere ok. The fjord is divided into northern and eastern shores. Anchor in both in 10 - 20m and bring a line ashore. Almost good allround shelter in both places. Watch out for fish farms.

Demircili Limani 38 ° 12.3 'N 26 ° 40,8' E
Located in the NW-corner of the Sigacik - Gulf. Pay attention to the offshore islets and rocks upstream of the coast. Anchor in 5 - 8m on sand with weed. Good protection with the Meltemi.

About 5 nautical miles east of Demircili Limani lies

Sigacik Marina   38° 11.8'N   26° 46.9'E
Approach Sigacik north of the small island of Esek Adasi. Keep a good distance from the NW - corner because of upstream underwater reefs. Don’t try to pass the island south or east. Berths are allocated; shops in the city, good fish restaurants in the harbour. Excursion possibilities to Teos.

Körmen Adasi    38° 01.8'N   26° 52.2'E
A bay on the SW - corner of the small island east of Cape Doganbey. Anchor in 3m. Good shelter against the Meltemi. Hot springs in the NE of the bay.

Cam - Limani   38° 00.3'N    27° 04.6'E
Approximately 11 nautical miles southeast of Körmen lies Cam Limani  east of Cape Sünger. Anchor in 3-5 m on the west-side of the bay. Caution on the E -side: cliffs, and underwater reef.

11 nautical miles southeast of Cam Limani you will find

Kusadasi   37° 52.2'N   27° 14.9'E

Kusadasi Setur Marina is located at the N - end of the town. The castle on Güvercin Adasi and the breakwaters of the marina can be easily identified.

Large cruise ships stop in Kusadasi on a regular basis and anchor or moor at the pier.
The berths will be allocated by Dingy - Service. All facilities, gas station, swimming pool. Very good restaurants of all categories on the waterfront. From Kusadasi you can visit  Ephesus easily.

On the way back to Alacati you could explore to the above discribed anchorages.

Happy sailing!

Marmaris, Fethiye

An der traumhaften türkischen Südküste, der Türkischen Riviera, beginnt die Sommersaison noch früher und dauert bis November / Dezember.

Dort herrschen meist ruhigere Windverhältnisse. Im Hochsommer, Juli, August, kann es teilweise weniger Wind geben. Von Marmaris kann man in westliche Richtung zum Hisarönögolf und Symi segeln oder die Segel zum Fethiyegolf wenden.

Beides sind wirklich prachtvolle Segelregionen mit unzähligen Häfen und Buchten zum Erholen, Lesen und Erforschen. Dieses Gebiet bietet viel Erholung und manchmal etwas weniger sportliches, anstrengendes Segeln (s. a. „Bodrum – Marmaris).